Strangers to friends…because of a watermelon

    “This experience has changed my life and made me realize my passion for volunteering.” Read Living Charity Volunteer Bailey Bowden’s reflection on her experience in New Orleans.

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    Too Young to Talk About It — A Profile of S. Idella Cooke

    When asked what her secret to a long life is, she says, “The love of God and hard work. That’s the answer to it … be happy at your work.”

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    Our Story

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Sisters of Charity - Halifax is to give joyful witness to love: the love of God, …

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    Our Sisters

    Meet Sister Mary MacIntyre – by S. Cecilia Hudec

    S.Mary loved teaching. In addition to the students, she worked well with superintendents and supervi…

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    Our World

    Our World

        “…We accept our call to an all-embracing spirit of hospitality in our rela…

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    Our Partners

    Our Partners

    “Urged by our charism of Charity, we accept our call to an all-embracing spirit of hospitality…

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    Supporting our Mission

    Support our Mission

    It is the mission and goal of the Sisters of Charity to help those who need it most. We work to faci…

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