Our Sisters

Meet Sister Mary MacIntyre – by S. Cecilia Hudec

S.Mary loved teaching. In addition to the students, she worked well with superintendents and supervisors, and had very good relationships with parents. She was sad to be leaving a ministry that had given her so much satisfaction. But times were changing and her life was moving on.

A Presentation by Sister Nuala Kenny

Sister Nuala recently gave a presentation on The Canadian Supreme Court and Challenges to the Tradition of a Good Death at Saint Benedict’s Parish in Halifax, NS.

Sisters of Charity – Halifax Honoured with Magis Award

The Jesuit Centre of Spirituality honored the Sisters of Charity – Halifax with their seventh Magis Award on Saturday, October 31st for for their key role in the life of the church in Halifax and their many years of dedicated service to the communities of Halifax.

Women and Children in La Victoria, Peru Were Touched by New and Exciting Projects – by Sister Gabriela Villela

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Meet Sister Kathleen Crowley

Meet Sister Kathleen Crowley, member of the Congregational Leadership team.

Sister Mary Beth Moore — National Catholic Reporter Article

The following is a snippet of S. Mary Beth Moore’s conversation with S. Camille D’Arienzo (National Catholic Reporter -June 23, 2015) “How do I pray? This is very hard to put into words, but maybe an analogy would help. I am a singer, and music is very important to me. All my life, I’ve sung […]

Meet Sister Anne Harvey

S. Anne says much of her ministry consists of helping people recognize their own goodness and God’s unconditional love for them. And encouraging them to respond to that love by discerning how the Spirit calls them to grow in love every day. “My ministry doesn’t feel at all like a job,” she says. “It feels like my life.”

Meet Sister Kathleen O’Donnell

“I want to work with people, that’s what I’m best at.”

New Leadership Team

At its 20th General Chapter in July, close to 200 delegates from across Canada, eastern United States, Bermuda and Peru met in Halifax to decide on future directions and choose a new leadership team.

Sister Peggy Dolan

S. Margaret is the first point of contact for people who are homeless, depressed, angry, addicted, etc., who are looking for help at Boston Medical Center.

Sister Ruth Anne Brighton

Sister Ruth Anne Brighton is a caregiver, a teacher and an advocate for people with special needs. She sees a spirituality in special needs children that she can’t quite define. She believes they have a connection with nature and they teach us to just be in it. “You don’t have to do anything. Look. Listen. Be,” she says.

Sister Sylvia Bellefontaine

S. Sylvia Bellefontaine takes her position as a palliative care volunteer at the Glace Bay General Hospital seriously. She’s adamant that “a person does not die alone”. As a Sister of Charity-Halifax, S. Sylvia feels this is where her call is — to be present with those who are dying.

Sister Maureen Bernius

“I love the children. I just love serving them.” This is how S. Maureen Bernius describes her current ministry as the School Nurse at Saint Francis of Assisi School is Astoria, NY.

Sister Edna Walsh

Sister Edna has served as a spiritual director for 25 years, journeying with persons from all walks of life.

Sister Anne Veronica MacNeil

For the past 12 years, Sister Anne has practiced and offered Centering Prayer to others. Her only desire now is to help people find their true self and deepen their union with God.

Meet Sister Angela Stodolski

Sister Angela Stodolski teaches penmanship at the De La Salle School in Freeport, NY

Meet Sister Joanne

Sister Joanne Kmiec’s deep-rooted care for the earth goes back to her youth and the influence of her forward-thinking parents

Meet Sister Grazyna

Sister Grazyna shares her story about being a teacher with breast cancer and about students who support raising money for the cause.

Meet Sister Pat

Sister Pat Wilson is a Community Chaplain, working with men and women returning from federal prisons, helping them reintegrate into their communities.

Meet Sister Eileen Therese

It is that spirit of community service that brought Sister Eileen Therese Boyle to the Westlock District Food Bank Association 10 years ago.

Meet Sister Gertie

For Sister Gertie Jocksch, seeing God in everything is not just a theory, but a way of life

Meet Sister Gabriela Villela

The seeds of hope planted by the Seton Way Group from Edmonton, AB keep growing in La Victoria, Peru.

Meet Sister Mary

Sister Mary Sweeney is a campus minister at Boston College in Massachusetts.

Meet Sister Nancy

“We as Sisters of Charity-Halifax need to be a voice for the voiceless.”