Eco List for Home and Meetings

Our Earth

1. Use biodegradable, decomposable plates, bowls and cutlery. They will
cost more but you are making a donation to the planet.
2. Use cups (cold and hot) that can be recycled. Avoid styrofoam.
3. When possible, ask people to bring their own mugs.

1. Serve fruit and healthy snacks instead of highly processed foods.
2. Serve water (preferably tap) in pitchers to avoid bottled water.
3. Try to buy locally. Instead of going to BJ’s or Costco, go to the local
bakery or farm stand for supplies.
4. Ask for volunteers to provide homemade goods.

1. Purchase biodegradable garbage bags.
2. Purchase biodegradable take-home containers for leftovers.

Go to to see “green” products now available for our use.

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