Our Philosophy

Global Concerns Resource Team

Our Philosophy

We believe that all creation is sacred and interconnected, and interdependent. We believe God’s deepest desire is that the transforming power of love be incarnated and transform the predominant worldview that promotes the systems of separation and domination. We believe that a small group of committed persons can help change the world.

Our Mission

The mission of the Global Concerns Resource Team is to foster understanding of an expanding worldview so that, together with other committed persons, we may make choices based on new insights.

Our Vision

We know that our mission is successful when we see the following:

Mutually Enhancing Earth-Human Relationships marked by

…respect and care for all of creation.
…an understanding and appreciation of diversity.
…a sense of responsiblility for Earth’s resources.
…simplicity in our lifestyle.

Prophetic Partnerships

marked by

…religious, ethnic, and racial diversity.
…collaboration with others in global justice advocacy.
…awareness, acknowledgement and appreciation of diversity.

Active Participants in Decisions Shaping All of Life

marked by

…holistic approaches to health care.
…a focus on life issues that shapes Chapter agenda.
…education that influences values and spirituality.

Global Economic Viability

marked by

…eradication of poverty worldwide.
…drecreased consumption.
…minimum wage standards that equal living standards.


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