Committed to making a difference

The Sisters of Charity-Halifax have been committed to making a difference through water projects for many years.  Here’s  just one example:

More than 300 families in the small settlement of  Nuevo Reque, Peru, will soon have clean water in their homes for the first time.   The project includes construction of a well, a main water line and a storage tank.

S. Martha Loo is the Congregation’s liaison for the project and recently visited the site.  She says, “the majority of the families are recyclers, they search the garbage and pick out plastics, cans, etc, to sell.  This is their work, to survive.   After many years of living in the dryness of the desert, buying water at a high price .. Now at least water (life) is coming to the door of each house.

“The project has not only brought them water, but has also provided work for many … it’s a motivator for progress for the whole town.”

This final stage of the project was financed by Sisters of Charity-Halifax, Sisters of Mercy and the people of Nuevo Reque.  A Sister of Mercy (Newfoundland) – S. Mildred Brennan – is the local co-ordinator

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