Sister Mary Beth Moore — National Catholic Reporter Article

The following is a snippet of S. Mary Beth Moore’s conversation with S. Camille D’Arienzo (National Catholic Reporter -June 23, 2015)

“How do I pray? This is very hard to put into words, but maybe an analogy would help. I am a singer, and music is very important to me. All my life, I’ve sung here and there, and it is very important to me to do it well, on pitch, expressing the words and music the best I can. But a good singer always knows that the song is more important than he or she is. After practice, while singing the song, one is an instrument, enabling the song to be.

“Prayer is a bit like that. I want to do it well, and yet, I know that’s not up to me at all. God is the song, I’m called to just sing it. Lots of times, I think that my “sitting prayer” is like listening to an exquisite symphony on a bad radio. The static is horrid, but the music is so wonderful, you keep listening. And once in a blue moon, the static ceases, and it’s worth the wait.”

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