Sisters of Charity – Halifax Honoured with Magis Award

The Jesuit Centre of Spirituality honored the Sisters of Charity – Halifax with their seventh Magis Award on Saturday, October 31st for for their key role in the life of the church in Halifax and their many years of dedicated service to the communities of Halifax.

It was appropriate that the celebration began with mass at Saint Patrick’s Parish Church as St. Patrick Convent was the  second mission of the Sisters in Halifax, opening in 1857. Mass was celebrated by  Reverends Charles Burke, Jim Richards and Jean-Marc Laporte, SJ

During the luncheon at the Delta Hotel Halifax, Judy Hanshaw, of the Jesuit Centre, presented the Sisters for this award.   In a beautiful tribute to the Sisters, Judy  proclaimed “… today, we wish to honour the Sisters of Charity–Halifax – past, present and to come – whose relentless and unselfish desires to serve Christ in joy has led them through the streets of Halifax and far beyond our shores.”

Sister Joan O’Keefe, Congregational Leader, accepted the award stating that “…all religious congregations share in bringing about peace and justice in the world.”

Magis Award Oct 2015


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